Differences in Video Systems

Big box retailers are offering D.I.Y. video systems that are attractive to retailers because they have a low initial cost. The potential for poor installation combined with the lack of integration with other parts of the security equation, make these systems less effective at protecting inventory, funds and employees. A point of sale systems reseller that is familiar with both retail operations and store security can provide a system that is both effective and affordable.

The digital video recorder or DVR is the key to advanced functionality in the video system. The DVR has features such as web access, recording & real time viewing of multiple video streams and POS system data integration.

DVR servers need to be purpose built and dedicated to the task of continuous processing and recording of digital video signals. Desktop personal computers and non-dedicate file servers are not suitable for the demands that are placed on these systems.

Event Notification

Notifies you of suspicious activity while it happens. Take action now… Event Notification senses activity in problem areas and contacts you in real time. Don’t wait until it’s too late, detect problems as they occur.

Web View

Stream live video to your laptop or smartphone. Get the freedom to monitor your business from where you are. Watch the action live or search video all from your laptop or smart phone.

Smart Search

Quickly find relevant events with video and transaction data. By searching integrated video and transaction data , Smart Search allows you to find relevant information without having to pour through hours of video.

Total Security Integration

A fully integrated POS system with Talon DVR gives you the freedom to remotely monitor your business without limits.

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