We also offer a complete iPad based solution through the MobileBytes Cloud based POS System. This iPad system is powerful, easy to use, and has hundreds of powerful features and best of all has a plan that starts at only $99 per month!

Meritage Technologies offers the industry leading Par PixelPoint POS system for Windows based Advanced, Versatile and Flexible POS system. From Table service to Quick Service, PixelPoint adapts to your hospitality business needs.

Meritage’s Hospitality POS solutions are perfect for:

  • Food Trucks
  • Quick Service
  • Table Service
  • Fine Dining
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Hotels
  • Coffee Shops


Cloud Based iPad POS System

Powerful…Affordable…Beautifully feature-rich.
Manage your full service, fast casual, fast food, or food truck restaurant with our powerful, easy to use, cloud-based point of sale system. MobileBytes Restaurant POS allows you to fully operate your restaurant with simple menu configuration, tableside ordering. Electronic kitchen display, fully integrated credit card processing. and much more!

MobileBytes leverages the power, convenience, and simplicity of Apple’s iPad hardware along with today’s cloud server technology to create a point-of-Sale system re-envisioned for restaurants.

Starting at only $99 per month

  • Tableside ordering and payments with signature capture
  • Integrated driver dispatch with turn·by·turn mapping for delivery
  • Customer loyalty program with MobileBytes app
  • Host waitlist management with Integrated text messaging
  • Built in time and attendance with photo verification
  • Electronic kitchen display (KDS)
  • Online ordering at no additional cost to Mobile Bytes customers
  • Sophisticated and Intuitive check splitting
  • Cloud·based, mobile responsive website management
  • Point·to·point encrypted credit card transactions
  • Supports WiFi and Ethernet
  • Out-of-scope EMV processing
  • And Many more features and options!

Cloud Based and Managed

Say goodbye to those legacy back office computers! Manage your restaurant with access to your data anytime, anywhere, with our easy to use, mobile responsive website. With any computer, tablet device, or smartphone, you can access deep insight into your restaurants financial and operational performance.

  • Manage your restaurant anytime, anywhere
  • Mobile responsive smartphone experience
  • Dashboard for restaurant overview
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Online Ordering

Our fully-integrated solution for accepting online orders directly on your POS gives your customers the ability to order from anywhere with a user- friendly interface styled to fit your brand. Online Ordering is part of the Mobile Bytes suite of powerful features, at no additional cost.

  • Enhance your online presence
  • Setup in minutes
  • Mobile Responsive smartphone experience
  • Fully integrated into MB POS
  • Styled to fit your brand

Guest Engagement App with Loyalty Rewards

MobileBytes is the customer companion app to MobileBytes POS. Using iBeacon technology, your POS system can automatically greet your customers’ smartphones when they are near or enter your restaurant. The MobileBytes app contains a customizable, interactive loyalty system that encourages more frequent visits. MobileBytes also encourages new customer visits through location based discovery. Stay connected to your guests with MobileBytes!

  • WiFi and Ethernet
  • Your customers earn loyalty rewards in My Points
  • Proximity communication with iBeacon
  • Automatically send notifications to your guests
  • New customer visits through location-based discovery
  • Offer specials, discounts, coupons, and up-coming events

Signature Capture

With MobileBytes POs, servers can process paperless credit card transactions and capture customer signatures directly on your iPads. Receipts are emailed directly to customers eliminating the need for paper. Guests can even rate their experience from the signature capture screen with our simple feedback slider.

  • Decrease the average table turn time
  • Setup quick tip amounts
  • Allow simple customer feedback
  • Automatically email guests receipts

Kitchen Display System

With MobilBytes KDS, orders are automatically sent to iPads in the kitchen from your servers, minimizing confusion in the kitchen. When changes occur, MB KDS immediately updates and inserts changes into the order, increasing the speed of service.

  • Quick configuration view allows you to view 1 or 2 rows, change font sizes, and much more!
  • Color-formatted time alerts
  • Orders shown split up by course and/or seat
  • Swipe to recall and restore orders
  • Voided orders are clear and concise
  • No paper necessary

Tableside Ordering

With MobilBytes POS your servers can input orders directly to the kitchen using an IPad at the table. No need to waste time entering an order after writing it down. Your customers will be pleased with faster service and you will turn more tables throughout the day. Even capture electronic signatures and tip amounts by processing the transaction directly at the table.

  • Decrease your average table turn time
  • Increase customer satisfaction with faster service
  • Display beautiful photos of your menu items to guests
  • Process transactions at the table
  • Decrease your paper costs

Check Splitting

MobileBytes offers efficient, easy-to-use check splitting functionality. Servers can easily split checks evenly up to nine times, even by seats, with a single touch. Every split can be tendered with any combination of cash, credit cards, and gift cards. Menu items can be moved between splits, and the split checks can easily be collapsed back to a single check with only a few touches.

  • Sophisticated, yet simple
  • Split by seat
  • Split evenly
  • Unlimited tenders per split
  • Easily undo splits

Gift Card Integration

MobileBytes POS is integrated directly with Heartland, Mercury, and Valutec’s gift card programs. Through our system, you can load gift cards, accept them for payments, and perform balance inquires without any separate hardware.

  • Integrated with Heartland, Mercury and Valutec
  • Directly integrated into MB iPad POS
  • No separate hardware necessary

Host Waitlist management system with integrated text messaging

There’s no need for those bulky, costly, limited-range buzzers. Keep track of guests from arrival through their order by managing your waitlist using our directly-integrated system. Add guests, send text messages to their mobile phones when their table is ready, drag and drop guests to their table, and add previously ordered menu items to new tickets. Managing your waitlist while your restaurant is busy has never been easier!

  • Add and keep track of guests from arrival
  • Send text messages to mobile phones when tables are ready
  • Drag and drop guests to their tables
  • Add previously ordered menu items to new tickets
  • No need for physical, costly buzzers


Multiple Service Modes

PixelPoint allows you to configure the POS station for specific job functions. By matching the user interface to requirements of the position employees are able to operate faster and with fewer mistakes. PixelPoint enables operators to run multiple service modes within the same restaurant environment.

  • Table Service
  • Quick Service
  • Bar Service
  • Cashier Service
  • Delivery and Pickup Service
  • Host(ess) Service
  • Labor Management

Read more about PixelPoint

Reduce Labor Costs

Keep your labor costs in check and increase employee performance by effectively managing your time and attendance information. PixelPoint allows you to modify role based permissions, create multiple job positions for each employee and even forecast staffing levels.

  • Time and Attendance
  • Shift Rules
  • Clock In/Out Authorization
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Overtime Agent
  • Multiple Permission Settings
  • Extensive Ordering Options

Order Accuracy and Efficiency

Ensures orders are accurately and efficiently entered and sent to the kitchen.

  • Suggestive Selling Prompts
  • Menu and Multi-Menu Configurations
  • Multiple Price Levels
  • Auto Combo Recognition
  • Future Orders
  • Online Ordering
  • Coupon Groups
  • Tips, Voids, Refunds and Deposits
  • Members, Tabs and Loyalty Points
  • Course Ordering
  • Split Checks / Combine Checks
  • Rentals, Gift Cards and Weighed Items
  • Advanced Manager Functionality

Maximize Employee Performance and Sales

Provides managers the tools necessary to maximize employee performance and sales from any terminal in the restaurant.

  • Auto End of Day Functions
  • Employee Announcements
  • Transfer All Checks
  • Alert Manager
  • Till Assignment
  • Employee Performance Ratings
  • Cash Management
  • Training Mode
  • Customizable Cashout Reports
  • Employee Contests
  • Report Viewer
  • Over 250 Standard Reports
  • 3rd Party Integration

Software Integration

In addition the wide array of features and functionality included in PixelPoint software, it easily integrates with complimentary technology products and services. PixelPoint currently integrates with more than 160 market leading hospitality products and services and is constantly adding more.

  • Liquor Pouring Systems
  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • Credit Card Processor Agnostic
  • Biometrics
  • Property Management Software
  • Paging Systems
  • Caller ID
  • Ordering Confirmation
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Table Management

Improve Customer Flow

Intuitive information to help increase table turns and improve customer flow.

  • Table Sections
  • Table Seating
  • Reservations
  • Bussing Commands
  • Security and Compliance


Providing peace of mind that your business is protected from theft and security breaches.

  • PCI PA-DSS certified
  • Void Tracking
  • Employee Roles
  • Enhanced Loss Prevention