Kitchen Automation

QSR Kitchen Automation

Meritage Technologies and QSR take the dining experience to the next level. We have restaurant management software to make your operation more efficient, connect you to more diners, and create positive experiences for your guests and employees.


Is a front of house solution for restaurants, developed by QSR Automations. It improves the dining experience by allowing you more insight, more control, and more opportunities to create a great relationship with each and every customer that comes through your door. DineTime provides restaurant table management, waitlist management, and restaurant analytics that will make your job easier and your restaurant more efficient.

Get Found
Use DineTime to connect with more diners. Give guests accurate wait times and let them get on your wait list remotely when they use the companion app.

Waitlist Management
Trade in your pages and dry erase markers. Use DineTime to manage wait lists online, page guests via text message, and seat parties-all from the same screen.

Reservation Management
Manage your reservations from one spot with the DineTime reservations book. You’ll get unlimited reservations with a flat monthly rate-no cover fees.

Gain Insight
Your data is wherever you are with DineTime’s Enterprise Portal. Access restaurant analytics and track trends to make smarter decisions about your operation.

ConnectSmart Kitchen

Our ConnectSmart® Kitchen (CSK) solution is the worldwide leader in kitchen automation technology. CSK is dynamic, flexible, and scalable for your operation. With kitchen video, enhanced routing options, and comprehensive data, CSK can help you improve your service and increase your profits.

As a restaurant, your biggest objectives are to serve quality food to your guests and to create a great dining experience. ConnectSmart® Kitchen (CSK) helps your goals as a flexible solution for your kitchen. It adapts quickly and easily to any restaurant environment and provides support for busy kitchens with kitchen video, programmable prep times, and access to real-time production information. Its powerful data tools and customized options make CSK a worldwide leader in kitchen display systems.

Reduce ticket Times
Use CSK to reduce your ticket times and create a more efficient kitchen.

Improve Food Quality
With CSK, your food will arrive on schedule. Use customized options to manage each order that comes into the kitchen, pacing the items so each prep station operates efficiently.

Gain Insight
CSK’s data tools provide information for your kitchen and your front of house to keep your restaurant running smoothly. Management can also capture data to make decisions easier.

Integrate Easily
CSK’s kitchen display API integrates with all of QSR’s hardware and software options, more than 65 POS systems, and a variety of printer and pager systems to provide a complete restaurant solution.