Liquor Control

Pour. Manage. Profit.

Skyflow is the world’s most advanced, wireless liquor management system. Skyflo helps you get the most from your bar with portion control spouts featuring touch functionality and power software.

The Perfect Pour Every Time
Consistent and precise pours improve drink quality, customer satisfaction and reduce liquor loss. Skyflo spouts can operate hundreds of feet from the master unit, freeing bar staff to focus on providing quality customer service.

Software To Help You Improve Sales
Valuable sales data is tracked and recorded with every drop of liquor dispensed through the Skyflo spouts. View pouring activity in rea0tine or pull summary reports on-demand.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Profits
Improve customer service through speed and efficiency while increasing profits by an average of $5 per bottle! Skyflo keeps liquor secure, helping you get the most from your inventory.

Skyflo virtually eliminates liquor loss and unrecorded sales, which could amount to tens of thousands of dollars in savings per year!

Skyflo will give you the tools you need to manage your bar effectively and profitably.

Liquor Guns

Sprint’s Liquor Gun Dispensing is the fastest, most accurate way to speed production and control your bar sales. An ideal product for high production bars as a perfect shot pours in under a second each, with absolute accountability.

Delivering up to 24 brands, with four portion sizes and preset cocktails, it puts the bar in the palm of your hand.

Can be networked with other Liquor Guns, Bottle Guardian and Draft Guardian to create a complete beverage control network. Range of reporting options available with standard units. Link to your POSS, ECR, PC, DVR, or use our PC Host for Scheduled Reporting and Auto Archive features.

Ideal for nightclubs, sports bars, or any bar that demands speed and accuracy. Liquor is stored in a central and secure location. Use the largest size bottles for further cost savings. Individual Bottle Reserves, Pressure Vessel Reserves, and Bulk Reverse configurations available. Product can be pumped 2500′ using with standard pumps.

Military Grade switching in the Ballistic Nylon Gun Handle is waterproof and allows for a long service life. Built in sensors protect electronics from power spikes and brownouts.

Redundant Memories capture and protect data in the event there are network issues. All data is stored and protected in these redundant memories so your ability to create revenues is never compromised.

A completely self-contained Liquor Dispensing Station, loaded with all features, can be used to replace individual stations as well.

Bottle Guardian Back Bar System

Bottle Guardian’s purpose is to control liquor from the original bottles. It is an ideal application for smaller bars that need a broad scope of control on a limited budget, but still provide software for ECR and POS integrations. These units can be integrated with Draft Beer Monitoring using the same Host Controller to further add value to your investment dollar.

We have two distinct systems, our value laden 7 Group System allows you to sort your liquor into 7 groups. Our Brand ID units use RFID Pour Spouts to track every detail for every bottle, for every brand. A true Bottle top to Bank Account control system.

All Bottle Guardian Consoles deliver reports through a serial printer, off the Front Panel Display, or to a PC, as stand alone systems. Network to our PC Host Controller to add Scheduled Reporting and Auto Archiving. POS and ECR Interface Software is a standard feature.

Brand ID Bottle Guardian tracks every brand and bottle with detailed reporting and control, manages over 1000 bottles for more than 250 brands, and can track a single bottle that moves between bars. RFID spouts are programmed with the details of each bottle it manages. The top of the line unit offering top of the line value.

Our 7 Group unit is the most basic and our best value, You can manage a limitless number of brands, sorted into 7 categories, based on prices or product type. Offering broad strokes control at a value price, this is an ideal system for the smaller bar.

Either Console can be networked with a Liquor Gun for the best combination of speed and 100% control. Add Draft Guardian to widen the scope of controls and capture more profits. Start with a single device and add modules as your business demands.

As any equipment used in a bar must withstand a very hostile environment Sprint uses all stainless steel cases, never plastic. Large, illuminated portion keys. originally designed for slot machines in the 60’s, are good for millions of hits, and cheap to replace if required.

In short, built Russian Tank Tough to withstand the abuse of life in a bar. If you are needing a simple yet effective way to manage your bar sales, Bottle Guardian has much to offer.

Draft Beer Monitoring

Draft monitoring is the first place to look for lost profits. Our system provides the most cost effective solution for a large chunk of your sales mix, draft beer.

Seamless Installation
Turbine blocks install directly into your cooler and are hidden to customers.

Customer fittings are available to accommodate beer trunk lines of various sizes.

Hall Effect Sensor
A transducer that varies its output voltage in response to a magnetic field.

Available to PC, POS and Real Time Monitoring Software

Long Life Span
Turbine block contains only necessary small parts and is built to last.