• label Taco Time & Ruby’s 100% Montana Burgers – Lewistown, Montana

    Well it’s been just over one year since we installed our POS systems in our restaurants Taco Time and Ruby’s 100% Montana Burgers, both in Lewistown, Montana.

    We want you to know that we are still very happy with our selection of the your system; and the support provided by you.  The three days of on-site support during our implementation was exactly what we needed to be comfortable with the system.  We appreciate your patients with all of the last minutes changes that we wanted to make to the system.

    Five of the benefits that we have appreciated the most are:  automatic suggestive up-selling, bio-metric fingerprint clock-in and clock-out, reporting details, integrated credit and gift card, ease of system modifications.

    The screens flow in such a way that our employees are automatically prompted to ask customers for up-sale add-on items.  For us, add-on sales can add between 10% – 15% to each ticket.

    With the bio-metric fingerprint clock-in and clock-out option we realized immediate labor savings.  Employees can no longer have another employee clock them in or out.  There is no cheating on writing in their time on the schedule!

    The  reporting capabilities provide us with details and summaries of data sorted to our specifications.  The reporting capabilities go far beyond any of our needs!

    With integrating our credit card into the POS system, our processing time have been cut in half.  Processing time in the fast food business is critical to the bottom line.  We also appreciate the free add-on of processing our gift cards through Mercury Systems.  The support from Mercury Systems is such an improvement over our last processor!

    With your POS we can make system modifications ourselves.  Our previous system was so complicated that the vendor had to make any system modifications at a large cost to us.  It didn’t take long for us to master the system and we’re making all of our own system modifications.

    More than anything else Jason, we appreciate your continued support.  You have always been there to answer questions, help educate us on the system, and provide suggestions to improve transaction processing.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

    Jim & Sue Zellick

  • label Red Rooster Café

    Jason Lehman, Meritage Technology, installed our POS system approximately 4 and half years ago. The POS system is very efficient and a definite must to managing a restaurant efficiently,

    Jason has always been there to train and retrain when necessary. He has provided us with the greatest support at all times.  He has always been a phone call away. His patience with clients that are less than knowledgeable about POS systems speaks volumes to his professionalism and character.  As well as all that he is a very nice guy. Honest, straight forward, professional and his character is above reproach.

    The current system we are using is the most seamless system I have used.

    Donna Godwin

  • label Dave’s Grille and Valley View Golf Course

    I began working with Jason 3 years ago in preparation for opening our restaurant. We had looked at a number of Point of Sale units but were sold on Maitre’d after speaking with Jason. I have been pleased with the Maitre’d system.

    The Maitre’d system has many components that we don’t even use, as we are a smaller establishment. I like how  easy our servers find it to navigate. Changing menu items, prices, and adding new items is relatively easy. I particularly find the reports the most useful, it’s nice to be able to track sales, labor costs, and particular menu items when making menu decisions.

    There have been several instances where Jason or his staff went above or beyond my expectations. Although I have a lot of kitchen experience, I didn’t have a lot of front of the house experience when we opened our business. During installation Jason was really a valuable resource for us, I wasn’t prepared for a lot of the front of house decisions that had to be made and his previous restaurant experience and expertise were very insightful. He offered advice and feedback on many things that weren’t related to the Maitre’d POS system, and we certainly appreciated his help.

    On another occasion, when we were having trouble with our terminal, he sent us a new, larger terminal the next day, at no cost. I really feel like Jason has had our best interest in mind throughout our dealings. Whether it’s ordering printer paper or questions about the system, he usually responds in a timely manner and seems to genuinely care that we’re taken care of. Jason has always been very approachable and his candor and rapport have always been appreciated.


  • label Walker’s Grill

    As you know, we’ve now had our POS system for almost a year now and I wanted to write to thank you for not only the system, but your commitment to it.

    In all honesty, with the pace of the restaurant business in general, I wasn’t looking forward to installing a new point-of-sale system. Because we are so detail-oriented at Walkers, I knew that there would be a tremendous amount of work involved with the change and one always takes a chance that they are sold a “bill of goods” when the program begins. This is simply not the case. As you know, we are utilizing just about every facet of the system, which would never have been possible without your assistance and guidance. We appreciate your patience with all of the last minute changes and your commitment to training both our frontline staff and our managers. I truly feel like we now have the ability to control our own destiny, a result of your hard work.

    Although there are many features to the system, we especially appreciate its ease of use. It is easy to train new staff and the accounting and credit card interfaces work like a charm. Literally, it has saved us at least two (2) hours a day in accounting staff. The gift card program ran smoothly over the recent holiday season and allowed us an opportunity to market special gift card programs. The sales reports are almost unlimited and have provided us with much more useful information. In addition, setting up and programming new items and menus is not complicated, even for a tech-challenged  person such as myself.

    However, I really have appreciated your commitment to our company since you have been off the site. I feel you are accessible and want it right, an unfortunately rare trait these days. Mostly though, I feel like I have made a great friend. Thank you for all your hard work and we look forward to a long lasting relationship.

    William D. Honaker
    General Manager/Owner

  • label The Grand Hotel

    I would like to take a moment to thank you for your part in representing our POS system to our business four years ago. It was definitely one of the best things we could have ever done for our business.

    I truly appreciate the amount of control and flexibility it gives the owner and myself to monitor our sales, specials and staffing. I appreciate the biometric option for the control it gives me over checking in and out of staff and the corrections or voids that need to be done. Prior to the POS system and this option there was sometimes an element of doubt over a void situation.

    We both appreciate the flexibility of reports available to us with the details and the summaries. We’ve been able to customize certain things to our needs there are so many more options available I don’t think I’ll ever utilize all of them.

    I appreciate the ease with which the system can be modified; daily specials entered; items made available during a rush, etc. The fact that so many things can be done by a shift supervisor and don’t need to be run through management has given me the opportunity to do the other things required of me.

    I also truly appreciate the three days of initial on site support and training and the fact that the day we went live you delayed your departure to work with an individual who was so upset they were ready to quit; that person now has a supervisor button and teaches others to use the system. Your continued support throughout the years has been a blessing.

    Thank you,
    Karen Elliot
    Manager, The Grand Hotel

  • label Whiskey Gulch Saloon & Casino

    In December of 2012, we hired Meritage Technologies to come and install a POS system, a wireless pour system and 7 video cameras in to our Bar. We have been more than pleased with this system and are very happy that we made this investment. We immediately saw in increase in profit the first night the system was in. The Talon DVR camera system works great, the pictures are very clear. Overall, the whole system is very easy to use and we are very happy with it.

    Jason Lehman and his partner were extremely professional and very knowledgeable and have been a great help with any questions we have had since this system went into effect. They were a pleasure to work with and I would happily refer Meritage to anyone who is considering adding any one of these systems to the business.

    Wendy L. Morris
    General Manager, Whiskey Gulch Saloon

  • label Mill Creek Inn

    My name is Susanne Hill. My husband Matt and I own the Mill Creek Inn in Sheridan, Montana. After months of POS sales pitches and relentless research we decided to go with POS via salesman, Jason Lehman. We purchased our new business in November and have since experienced a relentless and surreal amount of problems and disappointments – nothing new to the folks in the industry, I am sure.

    From the initial sales pitch, through the purchase, installation and support, our satisfaction has been constant and without exception. He provides expert knowledge about our POS, but also provides invaluable support to the customer on our level that only someone who has been in our shoes can truly understand. You can feel completely confident and trust he is doing a great job for you.

    Susanne Hill
    Owner, Mill Creek Inn

  • label P.O. News and Flagstaff Café

    Chad Franklin here from the P.O. News and Flagstaff Cafe in Sheridan Wyoming. I am writing this to you with praise for the Pixel Point POS System I purchased from you in the summer of 2011. I had wanted a POS for some time and had researched various models and programs, but was sold on the capabilities of the Pixel Point POS System. After the initial installation my staff and I all had a bit to learn, but the ease of use of your POS system made short work of this task. We are now at a point where I would NEVER go without one in any restaurant operation.

    The three main areas I have seen the system pay for itself are the following.

    Ease of training new staff-Prior to the POS, using hand tickets, we had a much harder time training the staff on the ordering process; complete menu knowledge, educating on the proper abbreviations and layout written into the kitchen, and we therefore encountered frequent misorders, kitchen delays and general mistakes. This of course affects cost of goods sold and can even tie into poor customer service. Pixel Point POS eliminates almost all of these problems entirely.

    Ease of Tracking and Reporting of Goods and Labor-Every restauranteur knows that in order to be successful you MUST operate within certain profit-margins and labor costs. Not only are scheduling and operations a breeze, but I can see where we are operating with the click of a button. This also takes some work and proper setup to accomplish, but has streamlined most of my work, as well as my accountants.

    More Money in MY pocket-2011 was a challenging year, but my staff and I were able to make adjustments to keep a successful operation. While preparing my taxes my accountant asked me what I had done to grow the business over the prior year. This came to a bit of a surprise to me, with rising cost of goods, decreased business levels, and without any additional menu offerings. I can only give credit to this increase in NET, to the accuracy and accountability give to us by our Pixel Point POS System. Though I have been told it is true, not until I experienced it for myself, first hand, did I truly see the benefits of investing in a point of sale system. BOTTOM LINE=INCREASED PROFITS IN MY BUSINESS

    For these reasons and your continued customer support, I thank you. I am happy to give testament to your company, the products offered, and your customer support provided to anyone who is looking to make an investment in their business as I had.

    Chad Franklin