SKY36 Soars to New Heights with PAR EverServ® 500 and PixelPoint®

Recently opened in the summer of 2014, SKY36 is an eclectic mix of an outdoor bar, sofa bed and a VIP lounge with an elegant and lavish interior design, that quickly rose to the top of the social scene as the most luxury entertainment bar in Da Nang.

Located on the top floor of Novotel Hotel, on bustling Bach Dang Street in the heart of the city, SKY36 is not only an ideal place to get a panoramic view of Da Nang City but also offers views of the sea, Han River and mountain ranges. At night, tourists will see a sparkling and brilliant Da Nang thanks to street lights and decorative lights on the Dragon Bridge. In possession of spaces of stylish design along with modern sound and light systems, SKY36 at 166 meters high, is currently the highest and most modern bar in Vietnam. SKY36 Da Nang consists of 3 floors with the capacity of 600 guests and a total area of nearly 2,000 square meters. The building which was constructed within 3 months meets the exceptional international standards of its owners and the public.


The clients are part of a conglomerate who own several major hotel chains in Vietnam including Novotel & Intercontinental brands. They demand superior global standards in product quality and performance. They require the best guest experience and highest quality software that can work in a bar environment in Vietnam. However, with these high standards the project demanded a short turnaround time i.e. delivery and installation within 3 weeks from signed contract. In addition, the end user required around the clock after-sales support.

When selecting a vendor, they were looking for a stable and experienced POS provider in Vietnam with local tax implementation experience. Being in a bar and nightclub atmosphere, they needed a POS system which could provide mobility, fast speed of service and high-speed order turnaround to keep up with their clientele. Needing to keep up appearances of a luxury entertainment bar, they needed sleek looking terminals while being robust enough to endure the harsh nightclub atmosphere.


The End User selected PAR Solution Partner, Speed JSC with their vast experience in implementation of POS solutions for Bar & Restaurants in Vietnam with customers such as Pacharan (Bar since 2006), Blanchy’s Tash (Bar since 2010), The Rooftop (Bar since 2010), Louis Lounge (Bar since 2013) The End User was impressed that the PAR PixelPoint brand has been a well-established premium POS software in Vietnam over the years that is in many of the 5-star hotel resorts; while the PAR EverServ hardware line has a reputation for quality and reliability.

The solution chosen was eight PAR EverServ 500s with a POS server, Epson T88 IV receipt printers and TM-U220B Kitchen Printers. The end user continues to use the existing PMS software for front desk operations and PixelPoint as a standalone POS solution. PixelPoint was preconfigured to include the 10% VAT for Vietnam TAX, additional programming to print TAX invoice requirements and dashboard to integrate into Sky36’s accounting system for ease of use.

Speed JSC was given just 2 hours to get the system up and running including installation, testing and commissioning of the POS system! In addition to the POS setup, the engineers had to perform network installation. The POS system was staged and set up before delivery onsite. All configuration and menu database options were loaded and tested offsite before delivery. The project plan and time schedule were critically important. Pre-installation work was meticulously done with full support from the customer’s end. The installation was successfully completed in time for an on-time opening of Sky36.


Since implementation, Sky36 is experiencing the reliability, user friendly interface and quality of the PAR POS solution with zero downtime to date. During the grand opening night, PixelPoint handled more than 1,000 transactions meeting the high demand for speed of service and ease of use. The sleek ES500 design and small footprint function within the environment without detracting from the luxurious and elegant design of the restaurant.

PAR Pixelpoint’s partner in Vietnam has experience BAR implementation, we selected of stable, reliable, and rich functionalities of bundle solution to meet high demand of our operation as international standard.
Quynh H Nguyen, Head of ITC Committee
Sun Group